Elliott Kattan, Founder and President

Elliott is responsible for Tech to Commerce’s overall vision. In addition, he handles all financial aspects of the company including A/P, A/R, and all banking relationships.

Elliott is a noted entrepreneur who has been involved in starting, managing, and investing in a range of highly-successful businesses for over 35 years, including footwear, real estate, financial services, and eCommerce.

Ben Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer

Ben is responsible for our technical strategy and road map, as well as employee success, facilities, strategic alliances, and corporate development.

He has more than 15 years of technical coding and design experience, including working on strategic projects for Microsoft at their campus in Redmond, WA. Prior to Tech to Commerce, Ben spent most of his career in technology consulting, and has designed and developed solutions and procedures in various industries including insurance, banking, and eCommerce.

Mitch Kattan, Vice President of New Business

Mitch is responsible for product procurement and targets for all our services. He also oversees the implementation of marketing programs unique to our individual brands and selling venues. Mitch is in charge of developing strategy, vendor relations, pricing, and merchandising.